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Antonio Altilia June 12, 2014 Help / FAQ / What is Present.me?

On rare occasions Present.me is unable to publish the presentation. If you receive an error in conversion message just send an email to hello@present.me and we will try fix it the presentation as soon as possible.

However most of the time the error is generated when Present.me is not allowed to access the Microphone/Webcam.

Particularly in Google Chrome please make sure you click A'llow' when the Adobe Flash Player box appear on the screen



and also make sure Google Chrome is allowed to use the microphone/Webcam by clicking on 'Allow' when the message appears along the top part of the browser.




Antonio Altilia November 4, 2013 Help / FAQ / Technical

Due to some security changes to Adobe Flash Player the plugin  has some restrictions and causes issues in recording or viewing presentations.

Here is a solution to the issue for Safari:

1. Launch Safari and log in to your Present.me account

2. Click on the word 'Safari' located on the top left corner of the screen

3. Select 'Preferences' from the list

4. Select on the security tab and click on 'Manage Website settings.


5. Select Adobe Flash Player from the list located on the left hand side of the screen.


6. From the Adobe Flash Player window located on the right of the screen click on Present.me.



7. From the drop down list make sure to click on 'allow always'

8. Click on Done

Please note if you are still experiencing the issue from the drop down menu you may need to select 'Run in unsafe mode', select Trust from the new pop up window and click on done.






Antonio Altilia April 25, 2013 Tutorials / How to's / Getting Started

Here you can download the latest Present.me User Guide 

Mike Marshfield May 1, 2012 Tutorials / How to's / Getting Started

Watch a short video on how to make your first Presentme: http://present.me/view/9911-your-first-present-me


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